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Friday, May 24, 2013

Dancing Bears

Nan Rozelle has been in the shop many times, her hands full of size 11 seed beads.  She feverishly scans the colors for just the right shades.  To say she has become pretty good at weaving with seed beads is an understatement.   Her father, Gib Miller made her a loom to create her little works of beauty.  Her latest project was the Dancing Bears.

Bead looms are based on a simple loom style.  Basically, just a frame with a method of keeping the strung warp threads a uniform distance from one another.  Nan says the hardest part (besides keeping it away from her cat) is to place the beads in a correct order.  She uses cross stitch patterns for the design and matches the beads to the DMC floss colors.  She also showed me another project that she is currently working on.  She sews a bead on the cross stitch fabric in each little square instead of a stitch.  That project looked fabulous also.  Maybe someday I will have to try this.  For now, I will just continue to admire her beautiful work!

words for the day...
If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.

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