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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Patience of a Saint

Have you ever worked on a project for a
really long time, thinking
"When will I ever get this done?" 
Well,  you have no idea.....
  A woman by the name of Liza Lou
has the patience of a saint. 
She has worked on ONE project alone for five years!  Her first large scale work was titled "Kitchen" and it is a life size replica of an actual kitchen.
Lou used millions of seed beads and a tweezers, placing each bead meticulously, creating an amazing mosaic surface over every single item in a full sized kitchen.
  This American Artist is either crazy or a Genius.
  I vote  Genius.
  You really have to see close up shots to appreciate the detail.
 I cannot begin to image the hours and hours.
I cannot imagine her patience.... 
And if this weren't enough, She has recently created the "Backyard" project.  Lou has used over 30 million beads creating this scene.  Most of those 30 million beads went into creating 250,000 blades of grass around a picnic table. 
Look at that grass!! It's amazing!
Along with the life size lawn mower, she has gardens of flowers and food on a picnic table.  Google this woman's work to see all of her extreme bead work. 
Her website is  www.lizalou.com
Her latest work is called "Color Fields" and is now on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego.  "Color Fields" is meant as a tribute to the grasslands of South Africa, where Lou is currently based. The artist said her work is inspired by traditional African bead crafts.  The local artisans passed on the secrets of this medium that they have been doing for generations.
I would LOVE to see this in person.
Wonder if I have enough frequent flyer miles?! 

words for the day....
Patience is what a parent has when there are witnesses.

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  1. I just realized that I posted these pictures at low resolutionso they'd upload faster. But that does not allow you to zoom in and see the detail. Sorry. Now you will just HAVE to Google her!